Behind The Hair

Any musician who says he made it anywhere without anyone’s help should be referred to as “Mr. Carpet”, because he lies like a rug. With that in mind, I offer up this partial list, in no particular order, of major players to whom I offer my continued thanks…

God & His beloved Son Jesus Christ
Mom, Dad, Cat, Cliff, Lauren & Hunter
Bill McCarthy
Wall Street Records (Mike & Jen… You Rule!)
Keith Menard, The Douglas Octoberfest Committee and Douglas Cable TV
The “Drew Crew” and anyone else who has been kind enough to applaud 🙂
My friends and 2nd family at Ashdown Technologies, Inc
95% of my past band mates
Fender, Washburn & Ovation Guitars
Bose Pro Audio


…And all the voices in my head who tell me “You can do it!” instead of “Go on…Jump!”